Why pay expensive call out fees for IT support technicians?  Use remote desktop support instead!


remote desktopRemote Desktop Support is used to troubleshoot computer related problems and errors via an online remote desktop connection. We use software that is u by over 200 million users worldwide. Our IT technician takes control of the remote computer over the internet and can solve problems without having to be at the physical location, which will save you time and money.



Common repairs available with remote computer support are:

  • Virus and spyware removal
  • Computer optimization
  • Registry repair
  • Device driver installations
  • E Mail setup
  • Router / internet setup

Please note that not all repairs can be solved using remote desktop support.

More about Remote Desktop Support.....

Remote Desktop Support

landshark it_online_supportRemote desktop support uses technology to allow IT support specialists to view a user’s desktop screen over a network or the Internet to solve and troubleshoot problems and to provide instructions to the user. Alternatively, remote keyboard and mouse control can also be used to allow the IT specialist to actually take control of the user’s computer, of course with the consent of the user.  The question is what are the advantages for your company?

One of the best ways remote desktop support helps companies is by saving time and hassle.

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